Kabaret 123 Kino, Very soon!

This first of mai, come and do what you please with us! We reopen the doors of the Poissonnerie for a massive Kabaret International in 3 sessions (24h – 48h – 72h)

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From the 1st to 7th of Mai 2022

  • on sunday the 1st, at 5pm starts the opening night. at 8 pm the first production meeting starts for the 24h session.
  • on monday the 2nd, first projection at 8pm.
  • on tuesday the 3rd, the second production meeting starts at 10am for the 48h session.
  • on wednesday the 4th, the second projection at 8pm.
  • on thursday the 5th,, the production meeting starts at 10 am for the 72h session.
  • on saturday the 7th, there is the final projection at 20pm!

Practical Info:

Cost sharing : 50€ for the entire Kabaret (roof and food included). 10€/day for the days of choice. There’s the possibility to transfer the amount on our bank account BE54 9660 1338 7397 with the following communication: KinoFirstnameLastname or by cash straight away when arriving.

Limited inscriptions available!

The accomodation : There’s the possibility to sleep in dormitory or in the house of certain members. Please fill out the form if you are in need of this or if you can house some other kinoids.

The food : Everything’s arranged and everything’s exquisite! Your help is very welcome for preparing the meals and will be requested for washing your dishes. – AUTOWASH –

The filming equipment : There are cameras, microphones which we rent, insure and share. There is a greeen screen to pretend that you are bubbling around in a fish bowl. And there is a Lab, it’s the temple of editing where the craziest editions come out.

If you have any equipment, bring it along without a doubt. Camera, mic, laptop, your prettiest alien costume or your ukulele, everything’s fine!

The film projection : The film projections are open to everyone. The big night of the final projection including all short films will take place on saturday night. No Covid and no CST guaranteed, no limited numbers!

We have the custom to publish the films afterwards on the internet. It’s always possible to refuse.